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It is going to depend on how badly they need people. I had an uncle who was blind in one eye and was drafted. He was a crack hydromatic (the GM automatic transmission) mechanic and they sent him to Florida where he repaired tanks. By the time, I became eligible in 1955 I was a student and then a grad student and then teaching math, all of which got you a deferment in those days. But their needs were modest in those days, before VietNam heated up. Then I was past 26 and, while my deferments left me eligible till 35, they just didn't want us ancient folks.

I had two different friends who got classified 4F by simply showing up for the physical without underpants. When told to strip to his underpants he told them he wasn't wearing any. They told him to keep his pants on and he was the only person in this large room, save for the examiners, wearing pants. He felt like a freak and they deferred him, although without giving any reason. The second friend, having heard this story, did the same thing and was also deferred. I'm not sure I could have pulled this off, but was never called for a physical.