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Originally Posted by Habeed View Post
What's so bad about flat feet? I take it this reduces your marching range before foot failure or something?
One problem can be if you are required to wear standard-issue footwear with built-in arches, especially if the footwear consists of boots made by the lowest bidder.

Personally, I was a Navy officer. The one pair of required steel-toed boots I was issued (for summer training) didn't have particularly high arches, and I never had any issues with the standard-issue oxfords.

Later, I was in the submarine force, so my footwear at sea consisted of running shoes (which are much quieter belowdecks than boots).

I've found that boots are hit-or-miss for me. I bought a pair of Timberline steel-toed boots once (required in my current job when I go out in the field), and found that they were unwearable for me. I was in agony wearing them. I ended up paying top dollar for some Redwing boots, which fit wonderfully, so much so that I immediately bought three more pairs. (Oh, and I gave the Timberlines to a construction worker whose boots were held together with duct tape.)