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Okay, here goes. One of my most embarrassing moments. True story.

Marine Corps Boot Camp, MCRD San Diego, early in 1980. I’m a young stud of 19 back then. Lean and mean. Yes, truly a legend in my own mind. We’re in a classroom, all four platoons in the series, so that’s about 240 recruits. Plus our drill instructors.

The class instructors like to begin with a joke or a story, so the instructor asks us, “Good morning, privates. I’m curious, who here is a virgin?”

Suddenly my right arm, disconnected from my brain and all on its own, thinking it knows what it’s doing, starts rising into the air. I look up and sure enough, that fucking right arm of mine is up in the air. Why the hell did it do that?!?!

I look around the entire room, and there’s only one arm up in the air. Mine.


Oh well, too late, it’s up there. I hold it up, high and proud. The instructor, fully expecting nobody to raise his arm, couldn’t believe it and he lost his momentum — he couldn’t deliver his next line.

Pretty embarrassing. Oh well!