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A couple of years ago, I'm only working part time, so I've not got much money, and my laptop's broken. My work has a 'rewards' scheme, which has the option of getting gift cards with the rewards point, and I've been saving up the points all year, so I have about 150 worth to spend. The way the system is set up is that you have to order the gift cards and get them posted to you, then once you have the physical card, you can top it up via their system. No charge for the cards, but there is a posting charge per order, and there are card options for two different companies that sell laptops, so I order cards for both.

I spend the next few weeks trying to research what's the best option in my price range, settle on one from company A, and top up the appropriate card online. It's not enough to pay for the whole thing, but I can just afford the extra. I chuck out the unused empty card for company B, and wait for my next day off so I can finally go get my new laptop.

Day off comes, I go to get the card out, and find the card for company B. 'That's funny' I think, 'I was sure I threw this out.'

Luckily the rubbish collection hadn't been yet.