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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
I cannot understand why so many people put so much of their emptions into the hands of sports organizations, and why our society promotes it so strongly (public schools, media coverage, etc.) Likely goes back to the Romans and before. Distract the masses. Provide an artificial basis for a feeling of unity...
Replace “sports organizations” with (take your pick) “video games”, “television shows”, “music acts”, “novel series”... Your statement is just as valid. Your complaint about people getting too emotionally invested in any form of entertainment is not without justification. Entertainment should be a distraction from things that cause emotional distress, not a source of it.

There’s nothing about a sporting event that makes it any better or worse than other forms of entertainment. In all cases, successful sources of entertainment end up with people being paid extravagant sums of money for doing something ultimately trivial.

People rag on sports because they don’t like sports and think people that do are dumb. Then they go back to obsessing over their favorite TV show. Hypocrisy is all too common.

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