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I just wanted to say that I'm currently binge-watching the entire series with my son who has never seen it. We're up to season 5 now, and I have to say that it's causing me to already see the last season in a much more favorable light.

I think one of the problems Game of Thrones has had is that the seasons were so spread out in time that people forgot little details that make the actions in the last season much more reasonable. For example, it's very clear that Daeneris, left to her own devices, makes rash decisions that lead to great harm for a lot of people. For example, she had 161 masters crucified along the road to Mereen, against the strenuous advice of Barristan Selmy, who counseled mercy. Then in the next episode one of the supplicants to see her says that his father fought bravely and tirelessly against slavery, and fought against crucifying the child slaves. Daeneris says, "Where is he now? I'd like to meet him." And the man replies, "You crucified him."

There was another scene a few episodes before where Ser Jorah had to talk her down from killing a whole bunch of people. And it was an effort, because she really wanted vengeance.

When she heard that Yunkai and Astapor had fallen to the slavers again, she ordered Dario Neharis to take the second sons and simply kill every master in those cities - after she had already been shown that not all the masters were evil people. Again, Ser Jorah talked her down, and she agreed to give them one chance to free the slaves or they would be killed.

At almost every turn along the way, Daeneris's instincts told her to do the most brutal thing she could, but the fact that she was doing it in the cause of freeing slaves allowed her and the audience to overlook her tendency to violence. But imagine if she had done the same actions in King's Landing, crucifying or murdering every Lannister or Knight in the King's Guard, and along with assholes like Meryn Trant we saw her crucify Jamie and Tyrion Lannister and Bronn. The audience would never have forgiven her, but in terms of her morality it would have been no different. But because they were NPC's being crucified, we overlooked it.

I suspect that when we get back to the last season, it's going to feel a lot more justified and coherent than it did watching it after waiting 2 years.