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Originally Posted by HammerJoe View Post
I watched the show Last Watch last night and it was an interesting one. It showed what what happens behind the scenes. It was two hours but I found it very interesting.
I enjoyed watching the table read, wish it was longer but it was enough to notice that some of the actors didnt like their script too much..... (hello Varys).
Good stuff.... so many people involved and nobody had the balls to tell D&D that the season was crap....
I love behind the scenes stuff so I really enjoyed it. It was obviously exhausting for all the crew. Someone said that it was good the show was ending because there was no way they would be able to do it if it had gotten any bigger. If was fun to follow the extra through the whole thing. He really loved what he was doing.

It was interesting that Kit Harrington hadn't read the script before the table read and was so surprised that Jon was going to kill Daenerys. And Emilia Clark's look to him like "yep, that's what they're doing".

My favorite line was when the director was driving to the set past a pasture and said "those sheep have seen things."