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Originally posted by Weirddave
It still wouldn't have made a difference. What the fuck planet are you from? Do you even have kids? As much as I always try to take into consideration what the buglet wants, and accomidate him whenever possible, in the end, his preference means didly-squat if it conflicts with mine as a parent. That's the problem with these TCS idiots in a nutshell. Eventually, judgement calls must be made, and they are having the person with the least amount of experience, who is least qualified to make them, be the one to make the call. It's upside down. Saying that a child's opinion dosen't matter is the truth: It dosen't. Good parents will do all they can to make sure the child has input, but when the rubber meats the road...Sorry, kid, but your opinion means bupkis.
What the fuck do you mean?

Do you mean that when "push comes to shove" your opinion counts most?

'cause that's a whole different thing to WeirdDaviditta's preferences mean diddly-squat!

But then you reiterate, "Saying that a child's opinion dosen't matter is the truth: It doesn't. "

If this is truly your position, and not just an over-hasty remark, then just maybe you should go fuck yourself -- less chance of you procreating that way!