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Originally posted by TwoBuyFour
[BWhen in high school my coach taught me a game. If you make a circle with thumb and index finger (the okay gesture) and someone looks at it, you get to hit them. There were many more rules to it (the OK had to be below your waist, you had to "wipe off" the punch afterwards or received double from the punchee, etc.) which changed from day to day, sort of like Calvinball. Anyone else play this? Anyone know the name?[/B]
We played this game too, in grade school, and, later, in high school(?). The high school version differed in that the punch signal was formed with two hands, each made into a peace/V for victory sign, and crossed perpendicularly (sort of like a tic-tac-toe board or a sharp in musical notation). This variation had a save, too. If you held a peace sign up to your face, with one finger on either side of the right eye, you were invincible. I once talked to my AP calc teacher for five minutes with the sign held up because my friend kept trying to get me peripherally. Don't tell me that public education doesn't work.

We also punched if one made a quick motion toward an opponent/victim, and the victim flinched. You know, like punishment for having a central nervous system.