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We played Padiddle, too. Whether you punched someone or kissed them depended on the gender of the person you were riding with...friends got punched, cute guys got kissed!

Originally posted by TwoBuyFour
When in high school my coach taught me a game. If you make a circle with thumb and index finger (the okay gesture) and someone looks at it, you get to hit them. There were many more rules to it (the OK had to be below your waist, you had to "wipe off" the punch afterwards or received double from the punchee, etc.) which changed from day to day, sort of like Calvinball. Anyone else play this? Anyone know the name?

We did this one, too. And yes, the rules changed ever so slightly from day to day. I don't think it ever had a name.

Originally posted by TwoBuyFour
To this day when I see someone make the OK sign below their waist I'm sorely tempted to whallop them. Conditioning, I guess.
Me, too!