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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
I'm not the OP, but I think these examples are just nitpickery. I mean, you can almost throw a stone from the Las Vegas Strip and hit the arena where the hockey team plays. When I read the OP, I was thinking we would get examples like he/she posted where a team was significantly outside of its named city, not just where a team built a stadium that was technically outside the city limits because that is where the best land could be found.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Now, the Jets/Giants thing is an anomaly I get MetLife Stadium is about 5-7 miles from New York City, but they still retain the New York monicker and are in a completely different state!

As for temporary moves ie the NY Giants playing in Connecticut, the New Orleans teams playing out of state after Katrina and the Bears playing in central Illinois, these were during stadium renovations and repairs with the city’s namesake having every intention of returning. I don’t count these.

I forgot to mention a unique situation going on here. For three years the Philadelphia Union had a farm team, Bethlehem Steel FC, play in Bethlehem PA. The USL, American soccers second division, declared the stadium wasn’t up to USL standards. The Union have vowed to return the Bethlehem area, but for 2019 the BSFC are playing home games at the Union’s home stadium in Chester, PA, about 60-70 miles away.

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