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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
I've never understood the whole "But they're in a different state!" shock. The Redskins play in Maryland, a similar distance away from DC as the Jets and Giants are from NY, but nobody ever exclaims "They're in a different state!" with an exclamation mark or refers to them as the "Maryland Redskins." It just seems weird to me.
Yes, a city or a metropolitan area or a conurbation is a natural unit. But state and municipal boundaries are arbitrary. There's nothing about the boundary between the State of New York and the State of New Jersey that is meaningful to culture. But there is a difference between the New York conurbation and the Philadelphia conurbation.
*I'm experimenting with ē, ēm, and ēs as pronouns that do not indicate any specific gender nor exclude any specific gender. (I am also contemplating the spellings /m/s, /m/s, e/em/es, Ē/Ēm/Ēs, /m/s, /m/s, E/Em/Es.)