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Originally Posted by CalMeacham
Casino Royale -- I haven't seen the latest, yet, but , good as it may be, by this point in time it can';t be all that faithful. Certainly the two previous versions took considerable liberties.
Although updated (and it takes some considerable liberties with some of the characters) it is surprisingly faithful to the gist of the story, including
Bond having to outplay Le Chiffre (in Texas Hold 'Em, rather than baccarat, which actually makes more sense as the former is a game of skill as well as chance) in order to make his superiors (The Organization rather than the deprecated Smersh) turn against him, buying back into the game thanks to Felix Leiter, the duplicitous Vesper, the car accident, et cetera.
In fact, with the exception of the first couple of Bond movies and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, this is probably the closest any Bond movie has come to both the story and spirit of the literary Bond.

I haven't seen the 1954 episode of Climax based on Casino Royale (which swapped the allegances of Leiter and 'Jimmy' Bond), but the David Niven-headed spoof was an awful, awful movie by any standard and shouldn't be considered a Bond movie at all, even in the non-canon sense.

Go see the new film; I think you'll be pleasently surprised.