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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
Moriarty is right about the reason for the “dying words” believed always to be truthful, and held in special esteem. It’s a Puritan thing in the US, although it probably exists in Catholic countries where lying under oath would be a mortal sin (IIRC; IANA Catholic).
I've tried to search for Spanish-speaking countries but haven't found anything. Then again, AIACatholic but IANALawyer, I may not be using the right terms.

I know the Spanish legal system accepts both paper depositions (nowadays less preferred) and the presence of a witness in court via phone or skype (nowadays preferred), when the requirement to act as a witness is considered too onerous but I hadn't heard of a "deathbed testimony" until it came up in these boards a while back.

And we do not take oath the way Americans do, there's no "under oath" involved.

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