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I think you start at the perimeter and work your way in. Mueller obviously needs to avoid going too high, too early and not having his ducks in a row.

Call me cynical, but maybe the power brokers (if such a thing truly exists) will get their shit together. If there is enough provable evidence against Trump and family, a deal just might happen for a medical "retirement" in exchange for keeping his family out of jail. And maybe in such a fantasy, Pence is also an indictable target, and we end up with a deal that puts President Ryan in the White House. I'm not saying this is a great scenario, and would love to see The Donald and Family get their just deserts (if the case is proven in a court of law). On the other hand, taking his finger off the button and passing the torch to someone I loathe like Ryan as a placeholder until 2020, is a deal that I could grudgingly swallow. Even better if power brokers agree the next supreme nomination is Garland. Dunno about this hypothetical but versus the risk of the Trumpster going completely off the deep end and his 30% incited to arms....