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Serious question. Do you think that the EU will continue to trade with Iran as they continue to increasingly breach the refinement limit? Or do you think that Iran will take the European lure and cut back their currently ramped up refinement? And what do you think the US will do in the first case? And what will the EU do in their own current economic straights if Trump decides to do something like what he's doing wrt China? It would hurt the US, no doubt, and probably kill Trump's re-election chances, if he even has one at this point, but it would REALLY hurt the EU for as long as Trump remains in power and probably for some time after that as the new administration tries to figure out how to unravel this mess and back us out of all the stuff he's done.
That's quite a hard one. Certainly Boris was doing whatever it took to get his current Iranian problem solved whatever it took. The EU though... they may well put sanctions in place if Iran continues to refine uranium. They will want to send a message.
What will the US do? Who the hell knows? Trump is anything if unpredictable. The US may embrace Iran. They may threaten to nuke them into glass. Trump may try to get a personal meeting with Iran's leadership. He may call them insulting names. Who knows?

Yes, we'll have to wait until someone who has some actual ability with diplomacy to unravel this clusterfuck.