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Originally Posted by Overly Sentimental View Post
Personally, I think we should go the other way. The point of IR is to be able to keep a player you like long-term, but still let you have a chance to win short-term. If you have to give up everybody on your IR at the beginning of the season, that sort of defeats the purpose. I propose we be allowed to leave the draft with 25 + 2.
IRs help you stay in the game during the current season without requiring you to drop a starter-quality player just to avoid empty roster slots on gameday. In the offseason you can make long term strategic decisions about cutting low end players without worrying about this coming week's games.

I'd love to stash Luck, believe me, but I don't think that means every team gets to pick a player who's recovering from an injury the previous season or preseason in addition to 25 extra players. I think we can agree that the Luck situation is probably the most extreme example of this type of thing, maybe with Bell's holdout last year being in the discussion, but neither player gets tagged with an "IR" label so we don't benefit?