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Originally Posted by FlikTheBlue View Post
Trump can "fake news" his way out of things like a trade war with China, the effects of his immigration policy, etc. He wouldn't be able to claim "fake news" if Americans start coming home in body bags from a war that he started, and even he's smart enough to realize that, so I think you're correct that this is what Trump is thinking.
Nah, Trump really really REALLY wants a Nobel Peace Prize. After all, that awful nasty man Obama has one, so Trump has to one-up him. He thought he could get one with North Korea, but yeah, not so much. So, let's try with the Taliban?

But bottom line, on the one hand I think he would gladly nuke Iran, but on the other hand he wants the Nobel, and IMHO that is a bigger motivator for him. So, no wars! Yay! (And we all KNOW Hillary would have started wars all over the place, right?)

Regarding Bolton, once Trump figured out that he was going to stand in his way getting the Nobel, well, that's an easy decision.