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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
Today RBG filmed an interview in connection with the National Book Festival. I watched some of it; she's clearly in great mental shape and I don't see much difference in her physical demeanor, either.
Yes, but...

She's 85.

Admittedly my views on this are colored by the fact that I've become my 85-year-old father's caretaker.

And here's the thing. He too is a federal judge (district court), on inactive status. He is in no way competent to be a judge anymore.

He's exactly the same age as Justice Ginsberg (and, in fact, was in her class at Columbia Law, and knows her slightly). And I know there's no way he should be on the bench.

I really, really worry about the competence of anyone at that age. I worry about Bernie Sanders getting elected.

I know, there are exceptions, and RBG is probably one of them. But still...