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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Would you, as someone apparently familiar with their treatment, say that the Kurds in Turkey have been the victims of ethnic cleansing?
I'd say the Kurds in Turkey are in a different boat than anyone in Syria. Turkey is perfectly happy with severe repression of Kurds in Turkey, but the major reason for the invasion is to create a place to put all the wretched Syrian refugees they don't want in their country anymore. And since the definition of "Kurdish terrorist" is pretty much interchangable with our term "Kurd," it's just a different deal. So, one doesn't have to do a whole lot of creative thinking to figure out the reasons for mass graves being discovered in southern Turkey like 10 years ago or so.

I mean, the whole Turkish view on this is nuts. They're looking at thousands of square miles of Syria that just doesn't have a whole lot of "there" there, and they want to dump millions of refugees there, and they seem to have this idea that the world will rush in with tens of billions of dollars to provide housing, food, electricity, water, hospitals, and so on. When we're talking about this level of delusion, assuming rationality isn't a strong bet.

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