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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
I mean, the whole Turkish view on this is nuts. They're looking at thousands of square miles of Syria that just doesn't have a whole lot of "there" there, and they want to dump millions of refugees there, and they seem to have this idea that the world will rush in with tens of billions of dollars to provide housing, food, electricity, water, hospitals, and so on. When we're talking about this level of delusion, assuming rationality isn't a strong bet.
That's slightly at odds with the post a few above yours:
Originally Posted by Walken After Midnight View Post
It should be noted that Turkey will be occupying much of the Syrian Kurds' best agricultural land.


Check out this Normalized Difference Vegetation Index map of Syria. One can see that the border area with Turkey has a lot of the higher crop yield potential land.
But I have no idea how well this area could support whatever refugees get dumped there. Turkey could be creating its own West Bank.