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Originally Posted by DCnDC View Post
Great fun as the game is, the learning curve is extremely steep. I got in pretty early on the Early Access, so I got into it before there was any tutorial or instructions in-game at all. I could barely even get anything off the ground until I watched several hours of YouTube videos about it. While there are tutorials in-game now, much of it is still pretty baffling if you know nothing about rocketry or space travel.
The game is literally rocket science, so itís not that shocking.

Originally Posted by gnoitall View Post
Nuclear Pulse propulsion was several third-party mods to KSP 1, so I find it interesting that they're doing something I see a lot in games: letting modders design interesting capability and then incorporating their own rendition of those capabilities in the next major release. Let the modders do the pioneer work and cherry-pick the winners.

Not sure how I feel about that in general, but it does seem to work.
Bethesda Softworks relies on this concept. I donít think the Elder Scrolls series would have survived after Morrowind without mods. The later Fallout games as well. When they donít allow mods they end up with Fallout 76. *shudder*

Itís definitely not a crutch you want to use forever.