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Couldn't take pictures in the demo room, and they didn't have a playable demo, but they did have a video showing gameplay not in the trailer. Current graphics is substantially beyond KSP1, though nowhere close to the CG trailer. The UI has a lot more stuff, which seems counter to their goal of onboarding people easily, but maybe it shows up progressively. In any case, they're still iterating on it.

The assembly building has a new feature--blueprint mode. This gives you an orthogonal side view of the rocket to make it easier to place things accurately. They also made it so you can build subassemblies separately and then attach them later, which is nice (it had been annoying to build some complex repeated element, only to discover partway through that you need to make a change in the middle and then have to rebuild the whole thing).

It appears that the Orion drive is for fast in-system travel and the fusion drive is for interstellar travel. Interstellar ships are big enough that you pretty much have to do orbital assembly of the ship. I get the impression that you may need to mine fuel from Jool as well. They are tweaking the time warp to better handle interstellar travel. Not sure if this means extreme million-X scales or something else.

Speaking of off-Kerbin assembly, one of the features of planetary colonies and orbital stations is the ability to build and launch rockets from them. Presumably there will be some resource mining involved as well.

That's all I remember for now. They repeated that easier onboarding without sacrificing realism is a goal. I didn't get the impression that they were introducing any "magic", and said they had been consulting with aerospace scientists and engineers for ideas.