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Zoe was an interesting lady. The posters that knew her understand she could be controversial sometimes. I imagine that she was the same way in real life. When I think of Zoe, I imagine a person with a big, theatrical personality--one that was maybe a little extra in certain situations, but also well-appreciated in others.

But also when I think of Zoe, I think of the time I was coming to terms with my personality and suffering from it. One day I shared that angst with the board, and Zoe, a woman I didn't know from Eve, leapt to the rescue with assurances and advice. She even sent me two self-help books so that I could reprogram the negative thoughts I had about myself and become empowered. That was 10 years ago, and I am a totally different person now. The transformation did not happen because of those books, mind you. But I do think Zoe reaching out to me with encouragement and love helped me get through the sadness I was going through at that time so that I could be here now.

She was a proud teacher. She probably took her teaching legacy a little too seriously, but I am certain that she was excellent at helping kids reach their full potential. I hope some of her former students are able to come to her funeral and maybe share their stories about her.

Zeldar, I did not even know that the two of you were married. In ancient email exchanges, Zoe mentioned how helpful you were as she struggled with health issues. I can tell she loved you very much.

Thanks for letting us know about Zoe so that I could share my story.