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What Cal said.

In the early-mid 60s, littering didn't count if it was one or two things & hidden in the bushes.

Eating fast food while driving was rare, but tossing a finished paper coffee cup out the window when empty was normal. I can remember getting through a burger & fries and sending each wrapper out the window as it was fininshed. The fact cars didn't have A/C & so most windows were open most of the time in warm weather certainly helped people to think of the outside as an available trash receptacle.

So my botton line recollection is at that time gross littering (dump a trash can by the roadside) was unacceptable to all but unwashed yokels, yet onesy-twosey littering was pretty universal. It died out pretty quickly as the "don't be a litterbug" campaign took off in the late 60s, so I suspect a lot of people did it out of unthinking habit but regretted it a moment later. Retraining that habit to think a few seconds earlier wasn't very hard.

In a lot of ways, I think we may be backsliding now as uber-selfishness becomes more common.

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