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Originally Posted by elmwood View Post
The people I've noticed littering the most are either adults in their late 50s and up, or the hood/gangsta' crowd.

When I was a kid growing up in the 1970s, I always noticed how much cleaner Canadian cities were than those on the US side of the border. Today, outside of poor inner city neighborhoods, there's not much difference; cities in the US have gotten a lot cleaner, while those in Canada are a little bit dirtier.

I do notice that in Rust Belt cities and suburbs, cigarette filters are everywhere around signalized intersections, and there's far more untrimmed weeds growing through curbs and in sidewalk cracks. That is, except for Grand Rapids. That is one clean city;. Seriously, it's cleaner than I remember of 1970s Toronto. Must be the Dutch influence.
Untrimmed weeds etc. don't bother me in the slightest. I think they can add charm to a place but the level of littering in this country just disgusts me, absolutely. I brought the better half on a tour of the wilds of the West Of Ireland. We were in a remote mountain valley probably a dozen miles from the nearest town. We got out to take some pictures and on the ground were the lids off latte cups or whatever they're called. I wanted to hunt down the culprits and moiderise them. My (quiet suburban) street gets littered all the time, beer cans, McDonalds wrappers, soda bottles, all sorts of shit like that. The culprits I suspect are generally younger men but there's a hell of a lot of littering going on around here.