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Originally Posted by Harmonious Discord View Post
I've also been to a park were somebody threw their meal garbage to the ground, and a reporter for the local rag, took a picture. The reporter was walking ahead of our party, so we saw what the reporter did. The reporter then walked away and drove off. We picked up the bags wrappers and cups, and put them in the trash can which the reporter and trash had been right next to. The next day this picture and the story about the horrible people that threw the trash on the ground leaving an unsightly mess was in the paper. What a hypercritical person. They left the trash there after photographing it and then wrote up an article on it.
Hypercritical or hypocritical? In either case, I disagree. The reporter was reporting on a societal ill. And one of the standards of a photojournalist is to just observe, and not get involved in the the scene that being photographed.