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Fascinating. I had no idea that this was a thing. I would get these sorts of sensations from a young age, and I remember trying to explain them to a number of people and no one understanding what I was talking about. I never would have thought of calling it a head orgasm, and I guess that probably is about the closest sensation to it, then again, I don't really associate either as an inherently pleasant feeling.

It's also interesting that the article mentions two different types, because I experience both. For me, they've always had some sort of vague connection with spirituality or connection with other people. As in, I remember at very young ages contemplating the nature of my own existence and having a fairly intense sensation as a result, though that response has generally faded over time. Externally, it'll be triggered usually by someone doing something for me, sometimes even simple things, and especially when experiencing emotionally intense music or other forms of art.

I am an introvert, and it never occurred to me to connect those feelings to introversion as I thought it was just either a weird thing about me or something that just doesn't communicate well, so I had no pattern to go by. It does seem exceedingly weird to me to intentionally trigger them tough.