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nonaudio asmr

Ever since I was a young kid I noticed this odd good feeling that I got in my head if I put my forehead close to the corner of a wall or sharp object and closed my eyes. I have always wondered what it could be looking on the internet trying to figure out why it was happening. I learned about asmr. Then I tried some other triggers like soft music and things thay YouTube videos entailed. They also worked. As I was learning more about this odd and amazing feeling I could create I tried to close my eyes and almost meditate. I focused on the spot on my forehead that I feel the more of the tingles. At first I could hardly feel it. Then I kept doing it before bed a lot of nights just out of curiousity. For one it helps me get to sleep and it has gotten a lot stronger. I can concentrate on that point and get a full feeling that I would have to of used triggers for. I don't know if anyone else has any of these things in common with my asmr experience but I don't really tell anyone about it. I've tried explaining it to some of my friends and they just can't get the same feeling.