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I just got into this, and have started watching ASMR videos on YouTube before going to sleep. I watch them in bed, on an iPad, and I wear headphones to get the full binaural effect. I rarely experience the scalp tingling while watching these, though it's something I have spontaneously experienced in the past.

The videos that have the most powerful effect, for me, are the ones with gentle whispering combined with some simulation of personal attention. The haircut videos (and there are LOTS of haircut ASMR videos) aren't quite as effective simply because the sound effects aren't enough; I need that tactile sensation of having my scalp touched.

The videos that do absolutely nothing for me are the ones depicting some kind of mundane task, like clipping coupons. I also have no reaction at all to Bob Ross videos (except to think, "huh, maybe I should take up painting").

I'd be interested in hearing people's recommendations on the best ASMR video producers. My current favorite on YouTube is VeniVidiVulpes, who has an amazing ability to keep her voice perfectly and consistently modulated throughout very long videos.

I am hoping ASMR will eventually free me of needing medications to get to sleep at night.