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I think the odds of Trump resigning are somewhere in the neighborhood of George Russell winning the next Formula One race. To put that in perspective, a $250 bet on that outcome would yield a payout of one million dollars. Trump is not the kind of person to ever admit even the most minor kind of failure. He does not defend, he attacks. He would never, ever, ever do something as chivalrous as resigning - that's what the act of resignation is, it's basically old-school chivalry, bowing out in a way that's supposed to save face. But Trump wouldn't see it as saving face. He'd see it as being a bitch. He would fight it out to the bitter end, kicking and screaming all the while. He'd have to be dragged out in chains. It would be something done TO him and not something done BY him, which means he can blame someone else for it - he's OK with that scenario.

Anyone assuming that Pence would easily be defeated in a presidential election is making a very specious assumption. As Trump's VP, he's possibly the only other person alive besides Trump who could keep Trumpism going as a viable movement, if for no other reason than that direct connection. Remember that it was largely Pence which made it possible for evangelical America to see their way clear to embracing Trump. Now they've fully embraced him, but people forget that there was a time when they really favored Cruz and weren't at all sold on Trump's fundamentally secular brand of lowbrow populism. Pence was Trump's ticket to winning that constituency.