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I'm using three decks at the moment: a Hunter beast deck most notable by the absence of Unleash the Hounds; a Rogue pirate/knives deck and a Warrior 3 power or less charge deck.

Originally Posted by Yllaria View Post
My vote for a card that's maybe not worth it - the Priest gets a 10 mana card that lets him pull a copy of a random card from the other person's hand into his. I don't remember the name of it. I put both in when I got them, but they haven't done anything spectacular and they take up card slots that could be used some time before your 10th turn.
You're confusing two different cards. The one that copies a card from their hand (Mind Vision) only costs 1 mana. The one that costs 10 mana (Mind Control) steals control of an enemy minion of your choice.

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