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Originally Posted by Mosier View Post
I love Hearthstone, but I feel like it could benefit from just a little bit more complexity. Right now the only cards are creatures and one-shot spells. I don't know how they could add "reaction" cards without upsetting the flow of the game, though. Maybe I'm wrong.
Uh, secrets? Am I missing something?

Also, people severely undervalue some keywords, like "divine shield". Holy shit, that ability is incredible. A divine shield creature with stats weighted in favor of attack will trade 2 to 1 quite often, but you almost never see these creatures being played. On the other hand, "taunt" is a keyword that very rarely helps your situation, however decks are STACKED with these cards. People will pass over equal-cost cards with stats 2 or even 3 points higher, just to take this keyword.
I dunno, big taunters can be pretty problematic if you don't have a way to get rid of them without trading a lot of your creatures. Personally, I always have a sap, eviscerate or assassinate to deal with big taunters, so I'm good, but when playing other heroes I've ran into problems.

Divine shield is kinda situational, I feel. Any AOE in particular removes divine shield, so if I have fan of knives or blade flurry, divine shield rarely makes a difference. It might just be my deck having a lot of control though.