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I heard a clip of him promising this. He said it was a challenge to the other alumni present - is he going to pay it all himself, or do matching grants, or what?

I assume he is going to donate the money to the college, and the college will set up retroactive scholarships, or something like that.
The College is working on getting an exact figure and determining how the process for eligibility, payoff, etc. will take place.
From what he said, everyone is eligible if they graduated.

It's certainly very generous of him.
But what about the kids in that graduating class, who may have worked two jobs, taken extra years to pay their tuition without taking loans or whose parents took out second mortgages, and/or worked extra jobs so their children could go to college without being in debt? What about them?
I have no idea what I would say to them. What do you say to the ant when things pay off for the grasshopper? "Life isn't fair"?

I feel much as I do when they read Matthew 20:1-16 on Sundays.