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I posted about this yesterday.

Originally Posted by Omar Little
But what about the kids in that graduating class, who may have worked two jobs, taken extra years to pay their tuition without taking loans or whose parents took out second mortgages, and/or worked extra jobs so their children could go to college without being in debt? What about them?
Amongst friends and family, they are joking good-naturedly about being Frank Grimes. But in quiet, pensive moments, I'm sure they have some regrets and resentments.

But what can be done about this? Let's say this billionaire guy promised to pay everyone's tuition--even cutting a check to those students who have already paid their bill. That wouldn't stop the "what about?" game. What about the kid who graduated last year? What about the kid who took four years to graduate versus the kid who took six years to graduate? And why should some rich kid get his tuition bill paid for the same as some poor kid? Truth is, no matter what you do, SOMEONE is going to be unhappy. Is that enough to not do anything?