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A lot of parents leave it up to their kids to pay for college.

I think this reasonable when there are lots of options out there. I paid for school with mutiple scholarships--a couple which I didn't even apply for. I also think this is reasonable when the parents can't afford to cover the costs themselves. No one should bankrupt themselves to send a kid to college. I also think it is reasonable when the kid seems more interested in having fun than developing marketable skills.

I do think there is some value in encouraging a kid to take some financial ownership of their education.

But there are ways to do this without forcing them to take out loans. How about only paying for their tuition if they maintain at least a B average? How about covering their tuition and leaving living expenses up to them? How about taking out a loan on their behalf and have them pay you back the principle as soon as they land their first good job? There are lots of ways to teach responsibility that don't cripple.

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