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Originally Posted by Cumbrian View Post
As to the second question: everyone seems to be pointing at Jason Roy to open. Which seems to me like pouring oil on the fire. He doesn't open down at Surrey and he'll be in on the grounds that he opens in ODIs and should be able to tee off. But isn't our problem at the top of the order lack of obduracy?
Yes, but I think the theory is that if you're going to be out within 35 balls anyway due to lack of technique, you may as well pick someone who might use those balls to score 50 occasionally, rather than someone who gets 7. Not saying I agree that's the right approach, but it does have some logic behind it.

As for Jennings, really enjoyed George Dobell's comment on Cricinfo: "worse driver than Prince Philip".

Originally Posted by Cumbrian View Post
So, yeah. This was not great. Gabriel has been banned for 4 (largely meaningless) one day matches starting from next week. Seems about right given the ban meted out not a month ago for racial remarks in the Pakistan/South Africa series.

Seeing some of the tin foil hat brigade in the cricketing internet community talking about how the stump mics should be turned down and this stuff left on the field. Not for me. Turn the buggers up and make sure all of this gets stamped out. The best sledges go down in history ("Tickets please!", "When in Rome dear boy", etc) and show some evidence of wit and intelligence - not battering on in horrific fashion using racism, homophobia or elsewise. Maybe if the players know they're being properly monitored they'll only say stuff that's worthwhile - or perhaps just shut up with sledging/abuse altogether.
"Every time I fuck your wife, she gives me a biscuit."

Does anyone know what Gabriel actually said? Agree 100% that Root and the ICC took the right stand.