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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Just out of curiosity, what will you do if your great new PHP actually cures your PTSD and IBD/IBS?

As far as IBS/IBD is concerned, I've had gastrointestinal issues my entire adult life. Stress causes a worsening of symptoms, but I've always managed by self medicating with cannabis.

As for PTSD, on researching it I became aware that I have it to some degree, as do most people who have lived an average life over six decades. I had unstable angina/chest pain for six weeks before seeing my doctor. He referred me to a cardiologist who placed a stent in one of my coronary arteries. Since that time I've had nightmares involving chest pain, causing me to wake up thinking I'm having a heart attack. Cannabis stops these dreams.

The doctor who discussed these matters is not my new PCP, as her practice is currently limited to seeing patients seeking certification under PA Medical Marijuana law. Plus, she is not in my health insurance group. I guess I'll frantically search for a new PCP when my next health crises occurs.

Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
How about if they're not in pain, just like you don't really have IBD or PTSD?

Your new doctor doesn'tt sound good. Sounds more like a soft touch, which I understand you appreciating in this case.
Well, I do not judge others. If they are seeking pain meds, I assume they are in pain.

As far as my health, I have gastrointestinal issues and after reading and discussing PTSD, I recognize symptoms of the disorder as things I experience. And as I mentioned previously, she's not my "new doctor", she is a physician recognized by the state as someone who can certify MMJ patients.