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Originally Posted by Helena330 View Post
As a resident in a legal state, it's astonishing how hung up the rest of the country is. Yet alcohol is available pretty much anywhere. Give me a stoner over a drunk any day.
Hear hear! And this is from an alcoholic that destroyed his liver drinking a six pack of beer a night for 3 decades and am now firmly ensconced in the Team Marijuana camp. I am prescribed opioids but I don't get that scrip filled. Why? Because I don't want to take them. They make me itchy and constipated and I dislike how I feel when I've taken them. And I don't want to get addicted to them either.

I have alcoholic neuropathy in my legs and sometimes the gabapentin isn't enough. But a couple puffs off a pen and it's all gone, and I can relax. And I'm not even inhaling actual smoke! So very low cancer/carcinogenic risk there too.

I mean seriously...anyone with half a brain knows that legal alcohol ruins more lives, families, causes more auto accidents, etc than marijuana could ever come close to. Drunks tend to make extremely unwise decisions ("I can make it home!") as opposed to a stoner wanting to eat macaroni out of a green bowl.

ETA: and I live in a state where there isn't even a provision for medicinal. Yes, it's a very red state (IN).
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