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I like that data a lot.

The idea is actually growing on me to try an everyone-vs-everyone league.

The thing about h2h is that it just adds random noise to the whole process. Very often the best team (best drafted, best managed, highest scoring) doesn't win the championship, and sometimes even misses the playoffs, because they got unlucky with head to head - they happened to catch other people having their best week while they had a below average week, or whatever. Head to head is just something that makes the better team lose more often.

But on the other hand, people really like having a weekly goal, a clear win or loss, a way to focus their rooting and feel like they've accomplished something on a weekly basis, so points leagues are generally regarded as boring, even though they're straight to the point without the matchup randomness.

But I wonder if everyone-vs-everyone could potentially be a middle ground people might enjoy. It gives some degree of weight to weekly results - you can have good weeks or bad weeks, and to some degree you're winning or losing against other teams in any given week - but it ultimately ends up being much more fair and much less random - not as pure as a points league, but the fact that you're playing against everyone every week and the large sample size smooths out the randomness of it it's far more likely the best teams will rise to the top.

Yahoo doesn't support such a thing and I doubt we'd ever get people to switch from yahoo in sufficient numbers, so it's not likely that we'll ever implement that as the official/primary scoring method. But using the program you wrote, we could still know what the results would've been. It could kind of be a secondary way of measuring success, just like now you can end up looking at the point totals at the end of the year and deciding if that matters to you.

Is your app able to track everyone-vs-everyone for individual leagues? I suspect it already does as an intermediate step before it combines them for a cross-league score. If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could store the results for each league's everyone-vs-everyone separately so we could periodically update that for each league and see how each league would've turned out in an EvE scenario?