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Some notes about the video:

An approximate translation for non-KSP players:
Kerbin = Earth
Mun = Earth's Moon
Duna = Mars
Jool = Jupiter

0:00: A seemingly well-planned mission from Kerbin to Mun.
0:57: A foot slips...
0:58: We see everything we need to know about how Kerbals operate. The tiniest mistake snowballs into a complete mission fail. And yet the Kerbals remain characteristically oblivious to their own impending doom, and in fact happy.
1:27: A Korolov... hexagon? Snowflake? Of course, a mere six boosters is just getting started.
1:28: I see that the KSP universe has their version of Gravity.
1:30: Someone is not going to space today. The launch escape tower is engaged.
1:31: Duna. But that's an interesting engine on the end... what could it be?
1:34: An artificial gravity ring.
1:36: Very 2001esque.
1:39: A fairly large colony on Duna. Those units look quite like Bigelow inflatables.
1:40: We can see that Kerbals drive their rovers like they do their spacecraft: only rarely touching the ground.
1:42: Oh, shiiiit! That weird engine? It's an Project Orion nuclear pulse propulsion drive. Detonate thousands of nuclear bombs on one side of a pusher plate and hope for the best.
1:43: A burnt reentry shield, and parachutes.
1:44: For Kerbals, an actual enclosed spacecraft is a luxury. A chair with a joystick is usually sufficient.
1:45: Jool. With quite a large station. But what's that weird engine again...
1:52: Inertial confinement fusion! The refined man's nuclear drive. This sucker might go interstellar.
1:55: These planets seem to be new, and don't have local analogues... hmmm.
1:56: The original KSP didn't have a Saturn analogue, either. We seem to be braking toward a moon.
2:02: And dropping a lander on its icy surface.
2:09: That is an impressive colony.
2:17: Parked the lander a liiiiitle too close to the edge there.
2:38: Lithobraking: litho means rock. Lithobraking is using the ground to bring your craft to a rapid stop.