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I guess my point about Florida is that even though there are tight margins, the Republicans have been on a pretty good winning streak there lately. They've won the governorship the last several elections. They now have two Republicans in the Senate, this despite having one guy running a race-baiting election. It doesn't matter that the Democrats were close; the bottom line is that they keep losing, and they keep failing to find the formula for victory in Florida. A progressive loses, a moderate loses. Obama somehow cracked the code, and I'm guessing that the conclusion I come to is that you want someone like Obama who can be a 'safe' progressive, but also one who can inspire people. But even if you nominate someone like that, Obama last won Florida in 2012 - that was more than 6 years ago now.

Ohio, despite Republican strength, is still more in play, in my view. As is PA, WI, and MI.