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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
What I've seen in the last few weeks is that moderate white male Democrats are withdrawing from the election, which tells me that they've done their research and concluded that they can't win the nomination.

Don't get me wrong: I think the nation can do without white male candidates for a while, and I'm all for opening up the field. But politically, I worry about the implications of a party in which white male pragmatist center-left moderates feel like they can't even compete. Obama might not have been white, but he was a pragmatist, which was why a lot of people wanted to vote for him. It seems like the Democrats are doubling down on Bernie Broism.
It may well be that all of the moderate white men are dropping out because they've concluded they can't compete with Biden , though. Given that Biden is leading all the polls, it seems a bit early to give up on centrist white guys as a group.

Anzari had an interesting comment on 538 this morning, to the effect that Brown's decision might have been influenced by the fear that, to compete in a Democratic primary, he would need to have taken more liberal stances on race and gender issues than he has previously, and that if he didn't win the nomination, that could come back to haunt him in his next Senate re-election race.