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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
So in those terms ... Dopers who had Brown as one of their top considerations and only those Dopers, who do you now have as your favorite two or three?

Not that we are representative of the country but it might give some sense of who his dropping out helps.

I'm left with Harris as my default and close second choice but going to look more closely at Booker and would be fine but not excited with Biden.

And that I think is the biggest problem with Biden. He's fine. But we could use someone who can excite (without being overly divisive) and I don't him as that.

And to those who supported Sanders last time and only them, are you seriously considering jumping to anyone else this time? If so who?
I'm a loyal cadre of the Political Revolution.

I don't see abandoning Bernie under any circumstances until next spring, and only then if polls clearly show someone else with a better chance of beating Trump.

If he were to suddenly drop out, I guess right now I'd lean toward Warren, while also looking closely at Harris, Booker and Gillebrand in approximately that order.

I wonder if it would be interesting to do a mock election in ranked-preference format?