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I picked Brown when it was him against Harris in those voting threads. But that was only because Biden didn't make the final rundown.

Biden's my choice--although I'm not 100% behind him until I see how he does in a townhall or rally or other 'requires energy' environment. If he's got the pepper, I'm with him. He's sharp and I think waaay too much has been made of his gaffes, especially now that we know what a real "gaffe-prone" moron-as-president is.

I don't agree with him on everything, certainly. I'm much further left than he is. But I see his intelligence, passion, humanity, awareness of history, and empathy as the qualities we need most right now. And again, if he's energetic and on-the-ball, the age thing will hopefully not be an issue (as long as he picks a good VP).

Trump's saying "Oh I hope it's Biden, I'd love to run against Biden" is one more reason. I don't believe a thing that shithead says.

All this said? I'll vote for Elmo if he runs against Trump. There's literally not a single Democrat currently in the race (or even not in the race!) whom I wouldn't choose over the walking clusterfuck we have now.

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