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Originally Posted by Kolak of Twilo View Post
Point taken. Maybe AZ isn't such an impossible state to win. But I still stand by the idea that the nominee's focus should be on recapturing the Upper Midwest states over wasting time in Florida, Texas or Georgia.
I agree with you generally on that. I'd say PA, MI, WI, and even IA are all more winnable than FL.*

However, I think Ohio's basically out of reach in a close race. It might be the 330th EV for a Dem candidate, but it won't be the 270th or even the 300th. I remember when Missouri was a bellwether; now it's firmly Republican. Ohio seems to be following the same track, just trailing MO by maybe 15 years.

*ETA: And as I said earlier, FL is more winnable than GA or TX.

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