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Point taken. Maybe AZ isn't such an impossible state to win. But I still stand by the idea that the nominee's focus should be on recapturing the Upper Midwest states over wasting time in Florida, Texas or Georgia.

Your stance is a reasonable one to take: ignore the states beyond the "tipping point", which will just be gravy in a blowout. But although I recognize the power of that argument, I am slightly more persuaded by the other view. Not a "fifty state strategy", which I would agree is stupid, but something in between. The reason is threefold:

(1) It can help in Senate and other races, now and in the near future.

(2) Something might go wrong in one of the "Northern Path" states, in which case we'll need a backup plan.

(3) Perhaps most important: even if we don't actually win Texas, Arizona, Georgia, or Florida, running hard there forces the other side to dedicate time and resources to defending them, leaving them less time and resources for those Northern Path states. It's a chess game, and there are definitely compelling arguments on both sides, but that's where I land--for now, at least.
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