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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
No I don't. I mean, how she describes her feelings of the event is fine. That is totally up to her.

But she was in a very public situation with lots and lots of pictures being taken. She has zero expectation of privacy in that moment.

And, since it jibes very closely with what Flores described it is in the news. Carter can feel "violated" by this all she wants but I see no reason the picture should not be circulated in light of what is in the news. It has been out there for awhile...has Carter been working diligently to get it out of circulation? I'd bet she hasn't.

And this news highlights this problem.

We have Flores describing something that looks a lot like what we have many examples of Biden doing, including the picture of Biden and Carter.

Flores flags this as inappropriate.

Carter says it is fine.

Which is it? Who is right?

Is it your position that Biden (or any guy really) can be prosecuted for the same act only depending on how one person feels about that act?
Uggh. It's been explained why you're being creepy and gross, and you insist on continuing to be creepy and gross, about women and girls you've never met.

Blech. Unfortunately a very common sort of creepiness, but still creepy and gross.