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Originally posted by ralph124c
Effectively, LORAL GAVE the Chinese information that saved them decades of R&D...and enabled them to target the USA with guided missles.
China has had ICBMs since at least 1981. Cite. You can't blame Clinton for that. True, LORAL may have made those missiles better, but with a 5 megaton warhead, their missiles really don't need to be that accurate.

Keep in mind that Chinese nuclear doctrine places literally zero importance on maintaining a counter-force arsenal: that is, the PRC isn't going to target US ICBM silos. The Chinese target cities for their strategy of deterrence, which is pretty damn smart, since they probably have less than a couple dozen ICBMs.

So Clinton's boast (that US cities were safe from nuclear attack) is adamned lie-he knew what the Chinese were up to and deliberately ignored the Loral matter.
You are misquoting. He often said that "there were no nuclear missiles targeted at American cities." That is, he claimed that China or Russia would have to first target their missiles before launching them, rather than just hitting the launch button.

Kind of a pointless statement, since these weapons can be re-targeted in a matter of minutes.

It seems more likely that LORAL employees acted incompetently in exceeding the scope of their export license. One can hardly blame Clinton for that.

If we are to hold Presidents accountable for the illegal -- or at least stupid -- acts of employees of private corporations, then we should also indict Reagan for approving export licenses that allowed samples of extremely dangerous biological agents to be sold to Iraq during the mid-to-late 1980s. Actaully, since he was selling arms to two terrorist supporting nations, that's probably a more severe blow to US national security, seeing as how we have gone on to fight two wars against one of those countries.

And as far as giving nuclear weapons technology to North Korea, that allegation is silly. Clinton made a deal that would have resulted in the end of North Korea's nuclear program in exchange for Japan and South Korea financing a light water nuclear reactor, which can be used for electricity, but has little to no use in a nuclear weapons program. That was in 1994. The light water reactors were never built, thus, quite obviously, have nothing to do with North Korea's nuclear weapons program.