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Originally posted by El Mariachi
Does anyone have anything else about this besides the launch? What about conservatives saying its clinton's fault about the chinese person working at the one nuclear lab?
That would be the case of Wen Ho Lee, a nuclear scientist at the Los Alamos atomic research facility, accused of leaking nuclear bomb secrets to the Chinese in 1999:
Lee was held in solitary confinement for nine months before the government's case collapsed and 58 of the 59 charges against him were dropped. The conservative Reagan-appointed judge in the case said in freeing Lee, "I sincerely apologize to you, Dr. Lee, for the unfair manner in which you were held in custody by the executive branch."


In the end, in a plea bargain forced by prosecutors threatening Lee with life in prison, the scientist admitted to one count of mishandling government data. The data had not even been classified as secret when Lee mishandled it. But no matter, his reputation and career had been destroyed, leaving U.S. District Judge James Parker to conclude that the government's treatment of Lee "embarrassed our entire nation and each of us who is a citizen of it."
This is yet another case of hysterical conservatives telling part of a story in order to smear the uninvolved.